The service policy below applies to both the authors and readers on this platform.

1. In order to ensure maximum security of our authors, we do not sell books on behalf of our authors. We believe it is necessary that our authors deals directly with their readers so that they would be able to track their success themselves. We do not stand as third party between our authors and their readers.

2. Although this platform is designed for our authors but we are so keen about the interest and feeling of our readers also, and in view of this, any author that defaults in delivering the ordered book(s) latest thirty(30) minutes after the payment has been verified or confirmed would be remove from this platform. This means that whoever is managing the author’s transaction must be readily available on-line to do the necessary transactions as at when due.

3. TAP would not be held responsible for any default or inconsistency created by any author in dealing with his or her reader/buyer.